Principal’s Message


Principal's Message

It’s an honor to be associated with the prestigious Bhupal Nobles Sansthan, a school with long past glory and excellence in the field of academics, games, and sports. Bhupal Nobles Sansthan is a school with a harmonious and beautiful environment in which students can learn and teachers can teach.

Having years of experience in CBSE, I believe in nurturing creative and analytical skills. We aim to create a caring, disciplined and responsible society, which will make a positive contribution to our educational institutions. Our aim is to help every child to fulfill their true potential. We want to see students grow in confidence, develop inquiring minds, become creative and kind-hearted, and most of all, make a positive contribution to society.

At B.N.P.S, we try to implement Swami Vivekananda’s principles of Education in our working system. And that, not worth the name if it does not help strengthen us for the struggle for life and does not bring out our character. For us in the B. N. P. S., education is not meant only to fulfill our own personal needs, but it is meant to make a difference in the lives of each and every student who crosses our path.

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