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Who We Are

B.N. Public School educational institution was founded in the year 1971 and has been built into what it is today. It is a unit of Vidya Pracharini Sabha- B.N. Sansthan, which was founded by the late Shriji Maharana Saheb Bhupal Singhji Mewar-the pioneer of Education in Udaipur, Rajasthan. It started as a small pre-primary school and has grown into a complete educational facility with facilities from pre-primary to class 12th. Since its inception, our team of dedicated hard-working, and dedicated faculty members are working to achieve the aims of the institution. We have classes from pre-primary (LKG- Class1) to XII with separate hostel facilities for boys and girls.

We invest in children. We believe that education should encompass more than just the development of academic or technological skills, but also give schools the tools they need to foster attitudes and qualities in children that will help them succeed throughout their lives. We’re passionate about building lifelong learners. Our story focuses on empowering children, parents, and teachers to envision a new educational paradigm that holds creativity in equal esteem with achievement, cooperation with competition, collaboration with individual achievements, and community-building above cookie-cutter testing. When children enter school, they bring so much to the classroom.

We teach the fundamental values and skills they need for the future. To ensure that we give our children the best possible start, we believe in fun and play, creativity and imagination, adventure and exploration.


The school is managed by Vidya Pracharini Sabha Udaipur. The present body is running - B.N. (P.G.) College, B.N. College of Physical Education, B.N. (P.G.) College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, B.N. (P.G.) Girls' College, B.N. Sr. Sec. School, Pratap Shoud Prathisthan, B.N. Pharmacy Girls' College, B.N. Hostels & B. N. Law College.

They create a welcome, supportive, and nurturing place for students to learn. Our School facilities are clean and bright--from the main building to our various learning spaces--and include many useful amenities.

Aim & objectives

The school follows the teachings of Swami Vivekanand- a strong believer in education- whom we look at as our inspiration. Our main goal is to follow his philosophy of education and, thus, to strengthen your mind by encouraging you to find answers and solutions to all problems yourself. We aim to help you grow, both mentally and physically, so that you may stand on your own feet.

The school hopes to inspired students to become leaders and develop a range of skills that will help them make their own contribution to society. Our goal is to give you the best foundation for your future, as well as the skills and knowledge to stand on your own feet.

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