The school follows the curriculum according to the scheme laid down by the Central Board of Secondary Education at different levels. Sanskrit is the compulsory third language from VI to Vlll. All the prescribed Text Book are published by NCERT.

Text, Examination & Promotion

Periodic tests and examinations are conducted to assess the students 'attainment and the reports are sent to the parents. Promotion to the next class is on the basis of the cumulative result of all the tests and examinations taken together.

House and Prosecutorial System

The students are divided into four houses viz. Raman, Pratap, Shiva ji and Ashok. Each House is under a house master/mistress. The House system inculcates organization, discipline + growth, through healthy competition + team work. All co curricular activities, games, sports are held as inter-house competitions.

Leadership qualities and internalizing self-discipline is generated through the Prefectorial system. Each House has a House Prefect from the senior most class selected on merit basis, besides this six other students are selected as Prefects. This system gives them ample opportunities to shoulder responsibilities and thus become, confident and dynamic.

Contact with Parents

Regular parent teacher meetings are held to discuss various academic and disciplinary problems/progress of the students. Guidance for follow-up program is also provided to the parents through these meetings. It is a request that parents should make it a point to attend these meetings in the interest of their wards.

The curriculum

The school is presently runs nursery to XII classes. Class XII has science and commerce streams. Physical education is one of the optional subjects at senior secondary level.


are an integral part of school curriculum. A well-equipped computer lab caters to the needs of computer savvy students and the staff.

Music and drawing & painting

classes are conducted regularly and are compulsory up-to classes VIII.

Games and Sports

The school has excellent sports facilities with its vast playfields, swimming pool and gymnasium. There are trained coaches to trained students in football, Hockey, Swimming, Athletics and basketball.

The school football team is winner of CBSE cluster X football championship 2006. The school badminton team won CBSE Zonal Badminton Championship 2007.

School Activities

The school has a well planned calendar for cultural and co-curricular activities. All round the year one or another activity is conducted. Every student is given a chance to explore his hidden talent.

Academic Activities

BNPS gives its teachers and students every opportunity to bloom academically. The teachers are regularly sent for refresher courses and training programmes. The school also organizes seminars and conferences. The school recently organizes seminars and conferences. The school recently organized a workshop for accountancy teachers.

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